TCHS Dance Department
Choreographers Toolbox-Spring 2018

How to use the toolbox

From the videos and lectures, we created this week, I have created this toolbox for you to see examples of each Choreographic Device and Choreographic Structure/Form. You can use this toolbox to study for your quiz, but also to look back in you need examples as we move forward to create your choreography proposal.

Video examples of each tool are labeled. The base motif is included on the left and then the manipulated video is included on the right had side. I suggest you watch both videos to see the difference. 

Choreographic Devices

Yasmarie's Base Motif
Yasmarie Demonstrates Repetition
Tierra's Base Motif
Tierra Demonstrates Retrograde
Wimar's Base Motif
Wimar Demonstrates Retrograde
Destiny's Base Motif
Destiny Demonstrates Inversion
Shae's Base Motif
Shae Demonstrates Instrumentation
Nekhi-ama's Base Motif
Nekhi-ama Demonstrates Fragmentation
Di'Mani's Base Motif
Di'Mani Demonstrates Fragmentation
​Additive / Incorporative 
Maria's Base Motif
Maria Demonstrates Additive/ Incorporative 
Additional Choreographic Devices
You can use the Laban Movement Analysis Elements (Body, Effort, Space, Relationship) to create your own devices. 
  • ​Body
    • Embellish the movements
  • Effort
    • Change the timing or rhythm
    • Change the quality
  • Space
    • Change the levels
    • Change the pathways
    • Change the size of the movement
  • Relationship
    • Change facings
    • Change the groupings of dancers

Choreographic Structures/ Forms

Theme and Variation
Shae's Base Motif
Shae Demonstrates Theme and Variation
​Call and Response
Maria and Destiny Demonstrate Call and Response
One-Part Form
Wimar's Example of One Part Form
Another Example (narrative dance)
Two-Part Form or AB Form
Nekhi-ama's Base Motif
Nekhi-ama Demonstrates Two-Part Form
Three-Part Form or ABA Form
Di'Mani's video could not be posted due to copyright restrictions. Here is a video example instead. Please only watch from 40-56 seconds.
Rondo Form
A student was not assigned this choreographic structure/form. Please see the video example. Watch 1:00-1:32.
Tierra's Base Motif
Tierra Demonstrates Accumulation
Yasmaire's Base Motif
Yasmarie Demonstrates Accumulation 
Video example coming soon!

Study Resources

You will be quizzed on the Choreographic Devices & Choreographic Structure on Tuesday!
Study for your quiz using Quizlet a digital flashcard site.
Click here or use the embedded study guide below: ​