TCHS Dance Department
Dance I-Block 2 (Spring 2016)

Deadlines & Important Dates

​This will be a list of high alert due dates and things to come! Check back often for new information! ​
  • Dance Showcase: June 8, 2016
​(I would love to post our class photo, but some of us have not turned in our syllabus contracts and photo release waivers)

How to use this website...

​These four categories, (Deadlines & Important Dates, How to Use, Weekly Schedule, and Assignments ) will remain the same on the website throughout the semester. Your homework and due date reminders are listed in the top left hand corner. Our weekly class schedule is posted below. Any assignments are included in the assignment section. 

Weekly Schedule

  • Monday-Friday: Class Reflection


Classwork for Tuesday, June 14th
Do Now:
Answer the following question in your journal.
"How can we fundraise money for the dance department? What are some of the most successful fundraisers? When and where should they take place?

Class Evaluation:
Follow the link below to complete the class evaluation survey. Please answer honestly and truthfully. Remember, your honest answers help Ms. Z improve as a teacher.

Old Class Assignments

Classwork for Monday, June 13th
As I mentioned last week, the goal of today is to create information that will be added to Dance I Introductory video. I showed you a version as you entered Dance I, but now it is time to update that information. Please help me plan what we will include in the video by completing the following do now. Please answer these questions in your journal. When you are finished, please keep your journal with you.

Please answer the following questions
  1. What needs to be in this video? What information should we share with the students?
  2. List several singular words that describe Dance I.
  3. How would you describe what you learn in Dance I?
  4. What are the expectations that Miss Z holds for you in Dance I?
  5. ​What was your favorite part of Dance I?
  6. What was the most challenging thing or lesson we learned in Dance I?
  7. What advice would you have for a student taking Dance I?
  8. What advice would you have for a dance student who is hesitant or maybe did not want to take dance?
  9. Describe Ms. Zwierzynski as a teacher. What should student's know about Ms. Z?