TCHS Dance Department
DANCE I-BLOCKS 2 AND 4-Fall 2018

​About this class...

Dance I serves as the introductory course in dance curriculum. The course consists of units to help learners discover the personal and cultural significance of dance. Students will discover healthy way of moving, how to watch dance, and dance’s historical significance. The dance genres of this class may include, jazz, modern, ballet, and social dance forms. As a product of this course students perform in a public dance show. Additional after school rehearsals and performances required.

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Class Schedule

​​​A weekly or monthly class schedule will be included here. Dancers are responsible for checking the weekly schedule before class.


​Past and current assignments will be posted here. Many assignments will include links to another page on the website. Students must check the calendar above to see when their assignments are due.

Sub work 11/14

Important Documents

​Copies of the syllabus, syllabus contract, dress code, and photo release waiver will be attached here.
Dance I Syllabus-Fall 2018.pdf
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About the CTE Dance Program

About the CTE Dance ProgramTCHS's Visual & Performing Arts Academy offers at 3 year course of study in Dance. This program is also known as the CTE Dance program. ​Students who enter VPA to take are held to the following commitments and expectations.
  • 3 year commitment
  • Each student takes 6 dance courses
  • Participate in Performances as part of their grade
Students need to
  • Pass all dance courses to remain enrolled
  • Need to pass all academic courses to remain enrolled
  • Need to pass exit exam

Video Examples of the Dance Program

​Please watch the video previews below to gain an understanding of the classroom experiences and performances the TCHS-VPA Dance Department produces.

​In Class

​In this video the CTE Year 1 students can be found learning an excerpt from the historic dance "Revelations" by Alvin Ailey.

Master Class

​In this video TCHS-VPA dancers Lesley, Nazirah, Izir, and Maria demonstrate a phrase they made up at the end of their workshop with the Philly based b-boy company Hip Hop Fundamentals. 

In Performance

​Check out videos from our most recent performance, New Voices 2018. New Voices is a program where students from the dance program create their own dances on their peers.
Yasmarie's Piece
Izir & Wimar's Piece