TCHS Dance Department
Dance II-Block 3 (Fall 2015)

10 Hairy Legs- Critique Assignment

Your critiques for the 10 Hairy Legs performance are due on Monday, November 30th.
​Please use the link below to find the requirements and resources you need to complete the assignment.

10 Hairy Legs- Pre-Visit Assignment

Click on the link below to get to today's assignment on 11/23/15.
Click here!

Midterm Exams (Nov. 9th-Nov. 13th)

Hi dancers! I have included the schedule for midterms and the study guides. Please look at this material so you are prepared for next week.
​Midterm Week Schedule
Monday- Dance and review midterm vocabulary words
Tuesday- EXAM! on the vocabulary words
Wednesday- Review the "Lean On" assessment phrase
Thursday- Practice and show "Lean On" phrase
Friday- Make up exams! On this day you have a chance to make up any exams from the semester that you wish to improve your grade.
​Midterm Vocabulary Study Guide
Dancers, I have attached the midterm vocabulary study guide below. You have all received copies of this in class on Tuesday. During the exam, you will be asked to identify the vocabulary word, perform it, and answer a variety of questions about the definition.  When looking at the study guide I suggest that you try to do the move yourself and memorize the definition. 
Dance II-Midterm Study Guide-Fall 2015.pdf
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​National Dance Day Student Choreography Project (Due  Tues. 10/13)

Follow the link below for the project requirements and resources.

Click this link to go to the project requirements.

Class work for September 25-30.... Dynamic & Static Stretching Group Project

​Watch the video to the left and then read the information below.

Split yourselves up into 3 work groups.

Project Requirements
  • Choreograph 2 exercises
    • ​1 dynamic stretching warm up
    • 1 static stretching cool down 
  • Each exercise should be fully choreographed to a different song
    • ​Example: Dynamic Stretching to "When I met you in the summer" by Calvin Harris
    • Example: Static Stretching to "What do you mean" by Justin Bieber
  • In the dynamic stretching warm up, you are required to warm up each of the joints. Please do this in a creative way, you do not have to warm them up in order.
    • ​Include the following joints:
      • Pivot Joint: neck joint
      • Ball and Socket joints= shoulder and hips
      • Ellipsoidal joints= wrists and ankles
      • Hinge joints= knees and elbows
  • ​Over the next few days I will post some of the paper work you must do to complete this assignment
  • On FRIDAY, I want you to 
    • ​select the songs you will use
    • select the dance vocabulary/ moves that you will complete in the warm up
    • assign sections for each person to choreograph
    • start to choreograph the exercises
  • ​On MONDAY, I want you to
    • add in people in your group if they were absent on Friday
    • choreograph your exercises
    • ​You should have both exercises choreographed by Tuesday when I return
    • I will be asking to see them then and giving you feedback
  • Read the information below about what I want you to submit to me by the end of class on Friday, September 25, 2015

Work due at the end of Friday 9/25/15 ...

To check that you are on the right path in planning I am asking that one group representative from your class complete this contact form. This will count as your group's daily grade.

Please reply with the following information:
  • Name your group members
  • Dynamic Stretching song choice
  • Static Stretching song choice
  • Who will choreograph the beginning, middle, and end? (Make sure each person has a choreography role)
  • What dance vocabulary/ moves will you be using in your exercises
  • Tell me about your progress today. How much did you get choreographed?
​If for any reason the form does not work, email this information to

Visual Aid for Group Project 

If Miss Zwierzynski has approved the choreography of both exercises, download and complete this document. Once the document is complete, send  the document to Miss Z through the drop it to me service.

Follow the link:
Password: SendtoMissZ
Group Dynamic and Static Stretching Sheet.doc
click to download

Anatomy & Kinesiology Test Study Guide

​Dancers, I have attached the study guide for your test on Thursday, September 24th. Use this attached document as a tool to study in addition with your notes. Please contact me on our Remind Class app if you have any questions. If you were absent on Tuesday, September 22nd, I still expect for you to take the test with us on Thursday.
Anatomy Test Review Sheet-Dance II.pdf
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Back to School Night...

Join us for back to school night!
When? Thursday,September 17th at 5:30-7:00pm 
Where? VPA at 544 Chestnut Ave. Trenton, NJ 08611
Why? To learn about this year's exciting changes!

  • Invite your parent/ guardian to back to school night.
    • Please share this flyer with them!
      • I will send a flyer home with you or direct your parents to this website.
  • Incentives for brining your parents...
    • I will provide a small snack
    • You will be entered to win a student gift card prize!
    • Your parent/ guardian will be entered to win a separate gift card prize!

First Week Documents!

It is a pleasure to back in the classroom with all of you! I am excited for the work that lies ahead. Attached are copies of the important documents we will be reviewing in class. Please download these documents if you need an extra copy.
Letter to Parents about Dress Code.pdf
click to download
Dress Code Requirements-Fall 2015.pdf
click to download
Syllabus Contract-Dance II-Fall 2015.pdf
click to download
Dance II Syllabus-Fall 2015.pdf
click to download
Important Reminders...
  • Students must bring in course materials & syllabus contract for a homework grade by Fri., September 11th
  • Students will take a test on the syllabus contract on Fri., September 11th
  • Students must change into proper dance attire by Mon., September 14th
  • Back to School Night is Thur., September 17th at 5:30-7:00pm