TCHS Dance Department
Requesting a Recommendation

Before Requesting  a Recommendation

Reflect to yourself:
  • What does my grade reflect about me in this teacher's class?
  • What does my attitude and work ethic say about me?
  • How do I contribute to this teacher's class or the school?

Step 1: Requesting a Recommendation

Recommendations must be asked in person or via email. THIS MUST BE DONE BEFORE A STUDENT REQUESTS A RECOMMENDATION on Naviance or the Common Application. In this verbal request you should include:
  • Purpose of the request (college, scholarship, summer program, job)
  • Deadline (If the deadline is shorter than 2 weeks, it may not be possible to submit)

Step 2: Student Information Form

Complete the student information form after permission is given. This is to inform me about your academic and extra curricular achievements. 

Step 3: Check In

Check in with the recommender 1 week before your 1st deadline.

Step 4: Thank You

If you have asked a recommender to assist your application for a college, a scholarship, or a job, it is common practice to thank the author.
Your thank you can include the following information:
  • Thank you information. Explain that you are thankful for and when the service was provided. 
  • Update on the progress of your application